WORKING AT Guillevin

More than 120 Business Centres across Canada

Since 1906, Guillevin has continued to develop its business network, which now includes more than 120 business centres. The company ranks among the largest distributors of electrical equipment in Canada. It is also a major player in the distribution of products, safety equipment and industrial supplies.

Guillevin has always given its employees the opportunity to develop their autonomy, professional skills and competencies. In addition, business decisions are decentralized and made according to the regional needs of the customers.  

By working at Guillevin, you will not only find people who are motivated and committed to their work, but you will also be in the company of competent and humane co-workers. In addition, the unique profit-sharing model will allow you to see the results and rewards of your efforts. There is no limit to your ingenuity and you are even encouraged to surpass yourself. A flexible employer with competitive salaries and working conditions is what you need to continue your career. We look forward to having you join us!

Control Your Destiny

Guillevin believes in empowering their people. This puts the decision-making as close to our customers as possible – “Our People Make it Happen.”

Grow With Us

We started in 1906 in Montréal, and have grown into a national network of over 120 locations and are still growing. Our opportunities are literally all around you.

Share the Profits

Guillevin’s unique profit-sharing model allows you to see the results — and rewards — of your hard work. A percentage of the profits your vision facilitates at your location comes back directly to you and your team — unaffected by whatever happens at another location. There’s no ceiling at Guillevin.

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