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Who we are

We are a major player, involved in the energy transformation in Canada.

With our nationwide network, we distribute high-quality electrical products and material to commercial, residential and industrial sectors.

We’re a part of your daily life.

Our products provide safe, smart and energy-efficient solutions to power a changing world. Ours products allows you to light up your living space, remain connected and maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

We work in an industry that has a direct impact on everyone’s quality of life, allowing us all to grow and enabling major projects to take shape.

The electrical industry is entering a new, exciting era. It’s the perfect opportunity to make a difference!

With our selection of leading-edge electrical and solar products, we’re committed to a greener future!

Guillevin banner’s does business nationally in the following industries:

Electrical | Automation | Datacom | Renewable Energy

But Guillevin is even more…

A solid national network

2,150+ employees

A team of 2,000+ employees

140+ business centres

140+ business centres

14 different banners

14+ different

1 Head office

1 head office + regional centres

Guillevin is also a head office based in Montreal, where we support the national network and the entire Guillevin family.

A unique, decentralized business model, in which we share the expertise of a national distribution network.

The Guillevin network is also a major distributor of specialized cabling and safety equipment.

A solid national network

We are growing:

We have a strong network and a remarkable agility and efficiency to continue our national expansion.

We work with the best manufacturers to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Notre mission

Our mission

Offer a distinctive
business model that's 100% dedicated to the prosperity of our customers and guarantees unparalleled operational efficiency.

Notre vision

Our vision

Be a national
business partner
that provides the
most added value
in our industry.

Nos valeurs

Our values

is our business.
is our priority.
Our people
make it happen.

Since our founding in 1906, Guillevin has made more than 25 acquisitions across Canada. The company has a proven track record as an industry consolidator through its ability to enable businesses to reach their full potential by joining our network.

A few key dates


Founding by François-Xavier Guillevin: 1st business centre located in Montreal’s business district.


A woman is named President: Jeannine Guillevin Wood, a true pioneer in the industry. We now have 5 centres!


Our growing family makes its first acquisition. The network now totals 15 centres.


Jeannine Guillevin Wood is named "Men of the Month" by the Ligue électrique du Québec. We now own 35 centres.


We proudly acquire a specialized national player in cable and wire distribution. We have over 70 centres.


A highly specialized hydraulic services company joins our network. We now have more than 75 centres.


A dominant player in the Prairies joins our electrical product distribution network. We now have 80 business centres.


We create a new national division specializing in renewable energies to strengthen our offering. The network now has 85 centres.


We acquire a national player in safety equipment and add an Alberta electrical product distributor to enrich our network. We now have 100 centres!


A new national datacom division and recently acquired major electrical product distribution players in Atlantic Canada and Quebec solidify our network. We have 125 centres.


We’re proud of our solid regional acquisitions specializing in control panel manufacturing in Quebec and British Columbia. Our network now has over 140 centres.