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Learn to manage your centre

Whether you’re still in school, a new graduate, have been in the job market for several years, an entrepreneur at heart, or interested in a management position… our Management Trainee Program is for you.

Manage a business centre as if you owned it, without the financial risk:
at Guillevin you can.

Our commercial clientele knows the added value of doing business with us: a wide selection, quality and quantities. We serve a local market and we are the reference for projects of all sizes.


What is a Business Centre Manager?

You manage your centre as if you were the owner. You make business decisions to ensure success and profitability. You grow your business and satisfy your customers. We’ll provide all the support and tools you need.

About detailed responsibilities

As a team, you will:

  • Build solid business relationships in your community

  • Collaborate with suppliers to identify and propose high-quality products

  • Allow contractors, institutions and organizations to carry out their projects

  • Demonstrate creativity and solidarity to be THE reference for your customers

  • Share your knowledge with new colleagues who are just as passionate as you are

  • Recognize and reward results

Responsibilities of a
Business Center Manager


Understanding their market. Developing an annual and medium-term business plan. Managing all internal and external activities: financial management, sales, project management and customer service, purchasing, distribution, team management.


Analyze the centre’s current performance and opportunities to increase the level of service and market-share growth.


Build solid relationships with local and regional representatives of key suppliers; create business partnerships.


Promote the company and invest in the community; build partnerships to support the next generation and stand out as an employer.


Attract, hire and train staff and ensure everyone is properly equipped to succeed. Support and motivate the team to maintain a positive and stimulating working atmosphere.


Provide a safe work environment and enforce health and safety rules and regulations.


Understand and master the centre’s operations, including the various systems.


Encourage and promote personal and professional knowledge and skill development, leading by example.


All our trainees:

  • Are passionate about taking on challenges

  • Possess an entrepreneurial spirit

  • Are customer-oriented and team players

You don’t have to be an electrical expert or an experienced manager.

We’ll train you!

To begin, we’ll assess your profile to ensure we set you up for success. We’ll teach you everything about our industry, our products, our operations and our entrepreneurial culture. You’ll learn by doing and at your own pace, led both by an instructor and independently.

An experienced mentor will guide you through the learning process.

Training topics are:

  • Warehouse management and counter sales

  • Stock management and purchases

  • Internal sales, quote preparation and project management

  • Operational and administrative procedures, including credit and collection

  • External sales and price management

  • Human resource management, transition to the managerial position in the assigned business centre

We’ll invest in you and guide you until you’re ready and an opening is available.

There is no registration period,

the program is individual and can begin at any time.

A simple, personalized program,

generally lasts between 12 and 24 months.

If you are geographically mobile,

you’ll have even more opportunities.

If you change your mind midway,

no worries other opportunities are available to you.

Interested in managing a centre?

You think this is for you? Go for it!

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