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Whether at one of our business centres, at the head office or in a regional administration centre, an exciting career awaits you in our network. With our decentralized business model, we offer a completely different work experience and a stimulating and diversified workday.

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Business centre

Open Monday to Friday, a great team works together in a friendly environment. Fully dedicated to customer satisfaction, each employee works as if it's their own company. And there’s no need to be an electrical expert—we’ll train you!

Business centre careers:

  • Warehouse and delivery
  • Sales team
  • Sales support team
  • Project estimates and management

Warehouse and delivery

We provide the equipment to work safely and efficiently. With your sense of organization, vigilance and dedication, you’ll directly impact our customers’ satisfaction and provide a concrete contribution to the centre’s success. Is a job well done and customer satisfaction important to you? Join our team.

Sales team

Is customer service part of your DNA? Do you like building relationships with people? Do you like to propose solutions and make a difference? Here are some of the options available at a business centre near you.

  • At the sales counter
  • At your desk
  • On the road

Manage the counter and welcome customers to our business every day. We serve a local market. You will develop and maintain a trusting relationship with customers. We’ll place our trust in you, giving you the latitude you need to serve them. It’s a key position that will allow you to grow.

Be the daily point of contact for our customers. They’ll know they are your priority and will send you their needs. You’ll develop a trusting relationship with them thanks to your ability to understand their needs and answer them promptly. As an in-house salesperson, we’ll count on you to find solutions to maintain your centre’s service quality.

Be the person who simplifies life for our future customers. Finding customers is easy when we offer the best products and personalized service. We’ll give you full authority to attract clientele and support our customer promise. Join us and make a difference with our devoted team.

Sales support team

  • Purchasing
  • Administration

Be responsible for the centre’s selection of products and inventory, two essential activities for our operations. Your role will also include keeping your industry knowledge up to date and maintain relationships with our suppliers.

Are you a jack of all trades? Do you like being the reference person, as well as learning and helping others? Do you have strong organizational skills? The centre’s team needs you to support them in their daily operations.

Project estimates and management

Put your technical knowledge to good use to support our external sales team and gain new contracts and customers. Do you excel at planning? Make a direct contribution to optimizing and carrying out projects for our key customers, giving them exactly what they need at the right time in the right place.

Administrative centre

In our Montreal head office and regional centres: everyone is dedicated to support the entire Guillevin family. A real customer-centric approach, a real teamwork environment. Remote work and flexible schedules are possible. We listen to our employees' needs!

Administrative centre careers:

  • Marketing
  • e-Commerce
  • Product information management
  • Process Optimization
  • Credit
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Information Technologies


We deal with everything here, working on projects from A to Z. We’re a small multidisciplinary team. Your creative input is more than welcome! Sharpen your analytical skills, because you’re going to need them. You’ll also rely on your collaborative abilities, whether it’s with suppliers, the web team, our agencies or our various decision-makers. Get ready to see a return on investment for your actions.


Do you have good ideas and an excellent understanding of the web and transactional sites? Are you skilled at understanding needs and finding solutions that get results? Do you like to measure the impacts of your decisions? If so, you’ll love working with us. Come and collaborate with the team, agencies and business centres to maximize our online sales.

Product information management

We know products. Our team has mastered the art of centralizing data, consolidating similar codes and associating key information for online business. We provide added value to customers and business centres. With our extensive, fast-growing national network, there’s never a dull moment at Guillevin! Do you like to play with numbers? Are you detail-oriented, and enjoy optimized work practices? We may have an analyst or coordinator job for you. Join us!

Process Optimization

Join a team that fully supports our business centres by sharing their operational efficiency expertise: processes and systems execution. You’re always there to help and coach others and you’re passionate about daily operations efficiency? Want to travel for work? This is for you! You can work as an analyst, specialist or trainer.


Are you a certified credit officer, or have similar skills? Join one of our credit teams located in several provinces. Our contractor’s network needs a supportive, knowledgeable, and efficient credit team who knows when and how to use their latitude. Our positions include accounts receivable technician, representative and analyst.

Finance and Accounting

Can’t say no to join a growing company and to contribute to improvement projects. From accounts payable to producing financial statements, everyone contributes to the sound fiscal management of our operations. You can make sure that we’ll support your professional development. Are you dynamic with a sense of innovation? Join us as a technician, accountant, analyst or even a manager.

Information Technologies

Join a company with modern technologies and an IT team aiming for innovation and ready to support growth. You call out web, cloud, and information security? You easily understand and respond to business needs? You are proactive, autonomous, result-oriented and have ambition? Join us as an analyst, architect, expert a technician, administrator, network specialist or technician.

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