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We are a leader and the largest privately held family distributor of electrical, industrial MRO and safety products in Canada with 100+ locations across the country. We distribute just about every piece of equipment that keeps your lights on, your energy flowing and your lifestyle comfortable. Our products — and opportunity — are all around you.

Our Current

Our business in motion

  • Residential Construction
    Housing construction starts, from single to multi-family, average 200 000/year in Canada. We supply contractors a broad range of electrical products needed to power Canadians’ lifestyles.
  • Commercial Construction & Maintenance
    Over 50% of Canada’s population resides in large urban centres driving construction and maintenance of malls, hospitals, office towers, schools, institutions and facilities. Consuming 70% of our electrical energy, this translates in a large number of opportunities for Guillevin.
  • Industrial Manufacturing
    One of the world’s Top 10 trading nations, Canada is a major manufacturer and exporter of natural resource-based goods, and a leader in industries such as Aerospace, transportation, high tech, food and more. We provide a broad array of electrical and automation products that help build Canada.
  • Charging Canada
    Electrical distribution is a $7 billion industry in Canada and in constant growth. Our products touch and enrich every person, home, business and development from Coast to Coast to Coast.
  • Innovating
    Just in research and development Canada invested $30 billion in 2011. With some $390 billion capital spending in all segments of our economy in 2012, the industry keeps growing and it is constantly changing, so we make innovation routine.
  • Green Energy
    Canada has the 3rd largest renewable energy capacity in the world and aims to generate 90% of the country’s electricity from zero-emitting sources by 2020. We distribute the electrical components that soak and harness energy from the sun and wind, and that deliver efficient lighting to homes, buildings and manufacturing facilities.
  • Control your destiny
    Guillevin believes in empowering their people. This puts the decision-making as close to our customers as possible – "Our People Make it Happen."
  • Grow with us
    We started in 1906 in Montréal, and have grown into a national network of over 100 locations and are still growing. Our opportunities are literally all around you.
  • Share the profits
    Guillevin’s unique profit-sharing model allows you to see the results — and rewards — of your hard work. A percentage of the profits your vision facilitates at your location comes back directly to you and your team — unaffected by whatever happens at another location. There’s no ceiling at Guillevin.


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Steer the current

Opportunities are all around you

Management Training Program

Management Trainee Program

We’re still growing. And we need young highly entrepreneurial talented leaders to help shape our future. Guillevin’s attractive Management Trainee Program teaches top candidates every skill for every job in every facet of our fast-paced, profitable industry. Get paid to earn a real-world M.B.A. as you choose your 2-3yr path to managing your own Guillevin location.

Our opportunity is your current — you decide where to steer it.

Control Your Future

We hire across Canada a select number of new trainees each year — self-motivated, sales, business and customer-oriented men and women who possess an entrepreneurial spirit. And we invest a lot into each of them.

We immerse candidates into the electrical distribution industry through four structured phases that include on-the-job, home and classroom training, and projects where they apply their business analytical skills to shape our future.

It’s up to them to choose their path, and to steer their opportunity.

Guillevin Careers | Phase 1 - Product TrainingPhase 1
Product Training

Start on the hustling, bustling ground floor as you get to know the Guillevin team and our products. You’ll learn how to safely operate equipment, how to ship and receive, learn our computer PC server-based computer system, handle back orders and how to optimize warehouse efficiency. Seminars and home study begin here, and continue throughout the program.

Warehouse training generally lasts 2 months. However, your skills, experience, capacity and progress determine the duration of each training phase.

Counter Sales
Many of our people tell us this is where they learn so much about our products, their application, our Contractor Customers, the importance of good merchandising and Customer Service. You will also get to understand buying behaviors and develop your sales competencies and people skills to prepare you for the next stages of your development.

Duration: 8-10 months

Guillevin Careers | Phase 2 - Operations TrainingPhase 2
Operations Training

Learn what happens behind the scenes to allow Guillevin products to touch every home, business and property development in the country. You’ll learn about risk management in our regional credit office, the ins and outs of human resource development, internal audit and operational procedures in our service center.

Duration: 2 months

Guillevin Careers | Phase 3 - Customer Service TrainingPhase 3
Customer Service Training

Inside Sales
Long term relationships with our key customers are critical to this business, so we’ll arm you with techniques to master phone sales and joint calls with outside salespeople. We’ll teach you how to interpret blueprints, understand job projects, to bid and quote jobs and help you develop sound project management skills.

You’ll learn how purchasing decisions are made and executed, as well as controlling inventory write downs, supplier returns and the importance of using our inventory to achieve high service levels as each of our Profit Centers manages and controls their own inventory investment.

Duration: 8-12 months

Guillevin Careers | Phase 4 - Outside Sales TrainingPhase 4
Outside Sales Training

You’re nearly dangerous. In the final phase of Guillevin’s training program, you’ll be in the field, incorporating everything you’ve learned to build contacts and establish meaningful customer relationships. You will learn strategic and relationship selling skills and territory management. By the time you graduate from the program, you’ll understand our business and how to capitalize on the skills and resources you’ve developed to position yourself for the next stage of your career with us as a Profit Center Manager.

Duration: 10-12 months

Internship Program

Get a head start on your career. Guillevin offers paid internships for University/College students to experience various facets of our industry hands-on whilst completing your studies. It provides unique insight into our culture and career opportunities for the right individuals and potentially accelerate your acceptance and term in our management trainee program.

To apply, complete the short form at the bottom of the page.

Other Opportunities

For other opportunities at Guillevin, click here.

Credit/Financial Management

The Credit Team serves our profit centers and customers by managing the credit extension and collection processes. The candidate will have a strong desire to work in a sales environment providing solutions to facilitate ongoing and new business opportunities.

Credit Training Program Details: 2-3 years (depending on candidate’s experience level). Work alongside an experienced credit manager to learn all aspects of financial management in the electrical wholesaling industry, administering Guillevin’s credit policy through proficiency in financial review, collection management, protecting the assets of the company, problem solving, negotiations and the utilization of construction lien and bond laws.

Requirements: business related degree, organized, effective at multi-tasking; excellent verbal and written communication skills. No prior experience necessary.


We are accelerating our investment in our management trainee program to attract and bring more talented young leaders to steer the current and shape our future. Below are answers to our recruits’ common questions.

What do you do?


We’re one of Canada’s largest private family-run distributors of electrical, industrial and safety products, working with our major manufacturers many of which are global leaders supplying electrical equipment to customers from coast to coast through over 100 locations.

Why are electrical distributors needed? Why not buy straight from the manufacturers?


Our customers need many different electrical materials. We offer one convenient local stop for our customers who can use a single line of credit rather than having to work through multiple suppliers. We’re extremely knowledgeable about a wide range of products, so we can serve as business partners to our customers for our authorized manufacturers.

Are you a utility company?


No. We supply the latest innovative electrical products connecting communities and industry to the grid. We are the channel between manufacturers and our customers who install (such as contractors) or the end users (industry businesses and homeowners) that use these products.

What are the general work hours?


You can expect to work regular business hours from Monday to Friday.

Is the training paid?


Yes. Our management trainee program is a full-time position that includes our comprehensive benefits package.

What kind of perks does it include?


You will attend multiple training courses throughout the program that can include traveling to cities across Canada and the U.S.A. Trainees are eliglible to participate in our profit sharing program and in their final phase will receive car allowance and expense account. You will become part of our family, building relationships with your fellow trainees that help you through the program, and through your career.

Where is the training located?


There are select locations that are geared and that have been chosen specifically for management trainees in each region. Many of our manufacturers have on-line learning resources as well as factory training. The training also includes on-the-job and at-home learning about electrical products.

How do I apply?


We recruit year round. Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page and attach your resume. Your application is automatically forwarded for review. If you are identified as a potential candidate to move forward, we will contact you.

Do you need previous electrical experience?


No, you don’t. Too many young graduates get turned down because they lack industry experience. We’ll give you the tools and resources you need to become an industry leader and develop a highly rewarding long term stable career for you and your family.

What are the requirements?


University or College graduates in general studies, business, engineering, science, that are highly entrepreneurial and want to run their own business. If you have demonstrated strong leadership skills you will excel and find our management trainee program most rewarding.

Is relocation required?


Yes. We want to expose you to different experiences, so most likely during the program you will reside in at least two locations, thereafter your ability to relocate will broaden your opportunities for sure, but typically within a region.

How long is the program?


This will depend on you and your commitment, speed of learning and interest in our business, but typically between 2-3 years.

Why is it so much longer than other management trainee programs?


Guillevin’s management trainee program is more like an on-the-job MBA. We train you to run one of our locations as if you’re an owner — you are not just a manager of operations — you’re the general manager of a business.

Why does Guillevin refer to its locations as "profit centers?"


This is another example of why Guillevin’s business model is so unique. We treat each of our company’s locations as a separate business, responsible for its own independent profits and losses. Empowered to grow and share revenues, and accountable for expenses, our profit center managers essentially run their own businesses.

When I get out of the program
what am I?


You’ll be eligible for the role as manager of a Guillevin profit center. We have all different sizes of profit centers with different scales of diversity and growth opportunities. So really you steer the current. Keep in mind, we are a large and growing organization and are in the business of developing our future leaders at mid- and senior management levels right up to the CEO.

Who owns the company?


Guillevin International Co. was publicly traded up to 1995 and now is part of a multi-national privately held family business that was founded in 1957.

Live the current


Sébastien Lavoie

Sébastien Lavoie has a bachelor degree in business administration, specialization in marketing and he became manager of the Guillevin profit centre in Sorel-Tracy, Québec, upon completion of our management trainee program. In June 2015, Sébastien was promoted manager of the profit centre in Laval, Québec.  Read more...

I am proud to be a part of this revolutionary training program. As a Trainee I was given the opportunity to learn and refine the skills required to be a successful Profit Centre Manager. The ongoing mentorship has aided my personal and professional development, and I look forward to my future with Guillevin.

Aron Padure
V.P. & G.M. | Ontario

The Management Trainee Program at Guillevin is designed for individuals who have a passion for learning and a desire to pursue a career in a highly lucrative industry. I am so grateful to be part of a team that has established its presence and has great foresight into the electrical industry. Guillevin is committed to the growth and development of every employee, and therefore provides effective training and mentorship to help achieve both personal and corporate goals. 

Varun Darmaraj
Current Trainee | British Columbia

Guillevin is a dynamic environment to learn, to grow and to lead business and people. With the help and guidance of the Guillevin team, the training program allows me to further develop leadership skills and to grow my knowledge about the products and the industry. I look forward to new challenges all along the program.

Hamid Maleki
M. Eng
Profit Centre Manager | Québec

Since my entry in the program, Guillevin has invested heavily in my training and has ensured I have the resources available to succeed. The company encourages individuals to challenge themselves by rewarding hard work and initiative. I am extremely happy to be involved with a company that cares about my career goals and is committed to developing future leaders.

Tim Ashcraft
Profit Centre Manager | Ontario

Joining Guillevin as a Management Trainee has been one of the best decisions I've made. Since the day I embarked upon this journey, I have enjoyed learning the business, applying the knowledge I've acquired in the day to day operations, and witnessing the direct impact of my initiations. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, a drive to succeed, and a will to do whatever it takes, this is the place for you!

Shiv Manchanda
District Manager HRM | Nova Scotia

Guillevin’s Management Trainee Program is a unique opportunity in a very distinctive company.  The structure of the program, the support and guidance from mentors allows a trainee to develop the entrepreneurship, the leadership and the experience required to become a successful branch manager. Guillevin encourages its trainees to think outside the box and to bring new and innovative ideas to further grow the branch as if it was their own.

Alexandre Simpson
B. Eng.
Profit Centre Manager | Québec

Guillevin is dedicated to giving their employees the tools to succeed. Since joining the Corporate Management Trainee Program, I have gained real-world experience on how to successfully grow and manage each aspect of the business. The Company’s dedication to providing me the opportunities to grow both as a leader and an entrepreneur has put me on the path to success. I am excited for my future within this lucrative and ever-growing industry!

Zach Murray
BA Hon.
Current trainee | Ontario

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