Sébastien Lavoie

Towards the end of my bachelor degree, I was registered on the University’s employment website. I received an email regarding Guillevin’s job posting and I decided to apply for the position. The determining factor that enticed me to accept entering the management trainee program was the job description; it was very diverse.

The management trainee program is about 2 ½ to 3 years. I started at the Sherbrooke profit centre and after 6 months I was transferred to the Anjou profit centre in Montreal. I then entered the next phase, which was inside sales. There I also did everything related to administrative and operational procedures including purchasing, and then I moved to outside sales rep. Following that, there was a job opening and I accepted the position as manager of the Sorel-Tracy profit centre.

I believe that the electrical industry is very important in our everyday life, whether it’s at the office, at home, in our everyday travel; electricity is always present. In fact, I think that what attracted me is the dynamism of the industry.

Did I have any former training in electricity? The answer is no. However, courses in basic electricity are regularly offered by our manufacturers.

During the course of the program we are exposed to the many facets of the business, starting from the warehouse, order picking, inventory management, human resources and the final stage, management. A key role of the managers in the profit centres where I had my training has been to oversee the program and to be a mentor through all the various stages.

The independence I have to practically manage my own company is what attracts me the most in my capacity as manager of a profit centre. I have the independence to make my own decisions based on my customers’ needs and the market demand in my territory. Managers have many responsibilities, which makes the job very exciting; however, we can always count on support from higher management, whether it’s the regional vice-president or the company president.

It really is an incredible opportunity for rapid advancement; we are talking 2 ½ to 3 years.

Any individual who wants to progress in a nice industry, to progress quickly, who has good leadership skills, entrepreneurship, who is looking for a very interesting career opportunity and high-level administrative tasks, also any person with a sense of adventure is, I believe, a good candidate for the management trainee program.