Through the Higher Education Awards Program, Guillevin recognizes the academic achievement of the children of its employees and encourages them to further their education by providing financial assistance for undergraduate studies at Canadian universities, colleges or other qualifying post-secondary institutions.

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Awards Program Eligibility

Children of permanent employees of Guillevin, children of common-law relationships, stepchildren and adopted children of employees are eligible. Spouses, nieces and nephews are not eligible.

Relatives of applicants must be permanent employees of Guillevin or of one of its Divisions or Subsidiaries, and have at least one year of continuous service on the date of the applicant's registration at a post-secondary institution. Marital status or age of an applicant does not affect eligibility. Graduate studies, i.e., master's and doctorate degrees, are not eligible by this Awards Program.

Rules and Conditions

College Awards

Each year, a maximum of ten (10) community college awards in the amount of $500 will be granted for a maximum of $5,000 [If there are more than ten (10) applicants, the awards will be granted to the top ten (10) applicants with the highest overall average or R-Score].
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University Awards

Each year, a maximum of fifteen (15) university awards in the amount of $2,000 will be granted for a maximum of $30,000 [If there are more than fifteen (15) applicants, the awards will be granted to the top fifteen (15) applicants with the highest grade point average (GPA)].
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Testimonials from Guillevin's scholarship recipients

Hello, my name is Charline Delorme. I am a bachelor student in the Cognitive Neuroscience program at Université de Montréal. In this program, I am specializing in neurolinguistics in order to pursue a master's degree in speech-language pathology. My scholarship, graciously offered by Guillevin, allowed me to pay my tuition fees for this semester and take away a lot of financial stress. In addition, thanks to Guillevin, I was able to have enough money to fund my first presentation. Indeed, I will be presenting my first scientific paper this April in Vancouver at the Canadian Speech-Language Pathology conference (SAC).
Charline Delorme
My name is Kiara Duval, I'm a third-year student studying Zoology at Laurentian University. This bursary will help me a lot, by covering the entire rest of my winter semester fees! It's been a rough year so far with a lot of uncertainty surrounding the year, but I'm so glad that I am able to make it all work and now not have to stress about my upcoming fees. Having won this bursary two years since I started my Bachelors, I can’t thank Guillevin enough for everything they’ve done to support me!
Kiara Duval
It is a bit daunting to go back to school as a mature student, so this scholarship from Guillevin will allow me to focus on my studies by helping to cover the financial costs of my tuition and books. This will go so far in helping me further my education and be successful in university without worrying as much about the financial aspect. 
Justin Hurren
To be a recipient of the Guillevin Higher Education Awards Program Scholarship is an honor and a blessing. Due to the pandemic, I have not been able to work, and this bursary will help fund my tuition and needs for university as I continue to pursue my education throughout my undergraduate degree. 
Roland Sanares

Rules and Conditions

Additional Information

Required Documents

To be considered, the applicant must have completed a full year of studies and passed all courses during the academic year preceding its application for an award. A minimum overall average of 70% (or equivalent based on the institutions’ grading scale - GPA or R-score) is required to be eligible.
A full workload is the normal program load to be completed during a regular academic session to satisfy the normal timeframe for graduation.
Along with the Application Form, the student must submit the following documents:
  1. The official transcript for all studies undertaken in the previous academic year. A photo or scanned copy of the official transcript is accepted, however it must be clearly legible. In view of COVID-19, several academic institutions will be providing Electronic Official Transcripts(eTranscripts), which are digitally signed and certified PDF documents that can be delivered electronically directly to the student’s email. Visit your university or college portal for details.
  2. Proof of registration to full time studies for the following academic year covered by the Program. Please contact the Office of the Registrar or Student Services to request a Letter Confirming Registration or a Verification of Enrolment, or other similar document. Proof of registration (also called Proof ofEnrolment) can also be requested online along with the eTranscript through your academic institution’s portal.

Note: Failing to provide documents as detailed in points 1 and 2 above will result in your application being screened out.

Period of Eligibility

All students enrolled in post-secondary or undergraduate studies are eligible.

Amount of Awards

Amount for a university award is $2,000 per academic year. Amount for a community college award is $500 per academic year.
Graduate studies, i.e., master'sand doctorate degrees, are not eligible by this Awards Program.

Number of Awards

Each year, a maximum of fifteen (15) university awards in the amount of $2,000 will be granted for a maximum of $30,000[If there are more than fifteen(15) applicants, the awards will be granted to the top fifteen (15) applicants with the highest grade point average (GPA)].
Each year, amaximum of ten (10) community college awards in the amountof $500 will be granted for a maximumof $5,000 [If there are more than ten (10) applicants, the awards will be granted to the top ten (10) applicantswith the highest overall averageor R-Score].

Qualifying Educational Institutions

  1. Canadian universities and colleges that are members of or affiliated with a member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada.
  2. Canadian community colleges, including institutes of technology and similar institutions supported and accredited by provincial governments.
  3. Canadian private institutions offering credited post-secondary courses that are transferable to other recognized institutions (1. and 2. above).
  4. Foreign post-secondary institutions, based on the following conditions:  Should the faculty recommend that a recipient take a year of their course at a foreign institution, the award will be payable only if the desired course program is not available at a Canadian post-secondary institution. Recipients should note that all other conditions of eligibility apply.

Qualifying Education Courses

The post-secondary program taken must be a minimum of two years of full-time studies, and courses taken must fulfill requirements for obtaining a recognized undergraduate degree, diploma or certificate. Not eligible are courses or programs offered by profit-making institutions, narrow career- or skill-oriented courses and apprentice type courses.

Other Awards

There is no restriction on the number of other awards held by a recipient.

Method of Payment

An award is based on past achievement and tuition is paid for the next academic term. The award is paid directly to the student at the beginning of each academic year. Because of the timing of required information, it is not always possible to pay the award to students before they need to pay their scholarship fees to their institution. Please plan accordingly.

When to Apply

Applications should be made just prior to the academic year for which the award is applied for; therefore, students should apply as soon as they have registered at their chosen institution and an original(official) transcript of their previous marks is available. Applications must be received before September 30th of the year for which a student applies for an award.

Recipient Responsibilities

Award recipients are responsible for ensuring they understand the required full workload for their particular program so they are eligible for awards. In addition to meeting the academic requirements of a program, recipients are expected to remain in good disciplinary standing in their institution. Notice of any changes of address, academic program, institution, and other pertinent information must be communicated immediately to the HR Development Coordinator.
Note: An award is paid to assist in covering the costs of tuition and compulsory fees for full-time attendance at a college or university. If, for any reason, a recipient does not attend classes or withdraws from the institution, he must return the award to Guillevin, c/o HR Development Coordinator.
If a recipient has received an award for the upcoming year but decides to withdraw from the course before December 31st and returns the full amount of the award, a deferral may be requested. Provided that the recipient is still within the time limitations and meets all other program criteria, this deferral would allow the winner of an award to reactivate the award based on his marks. Recipients who do not follow this process are withdrawn from the Higher Education Awards Program. They may only re-qualify after completing a full year of post-secondary education and achieving a minimum overall average of 70% (or R-score of 24).


Management reserves the right to amend this Plan from time to time, or to repeal or terminate it entirely at any time.

Higher Education Awards Program Form

Make sure the information is complete, accurate, and up to date. An incomplete form, missing and / or non-compliant documents could lead to processing time and disqualification from the competition. Make sure you have your documents ready in PDF format. Your scholarship application must reach Guillevin's head office no later than September 30th of the current year.

The registration period for 2021-2022 is now closed. Please come back in 2023. Guillevin is proud to recognized the academic success of its employee's children.

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Studies Completed in the Past Year

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Registration for the Next Academic Year

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The Higher Education Awards Program is managed by Rosa Venditti, HR Development Coordinator. For additional information on the program, employees and candidates can contact:

Nelly Jette

Rules and Conditions

All applications must be submitted through this website. Please take time to review all documents before submission; incomplete applications will be rejected. You can download a PDF version of the Rules and Conditions.

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